We all know how the construction industry needs different types of tools for different purposes. The workers in the construction industry are always working with different tools so that they can perform different tasks as per their needs and requirements. Every single tool is designed for a specific purpose, and the experts use it wisely to ensure that they can get the work done without any hassle.

Hammer is not only designed for the purpose of putting the screws in, or wrenches are not for the purpose of leveling the board. All the tools come with different purposes. The same thing goes with the diamond saw blades. Every single blade has its own purpose and is considered accordingly.

If you think that diamond saw blades are used for different purposes, then you are certainly on the right page. Below mentioned are the different types of diamond saw blades that can help you understand how they can be used for different purposes. Take a look:

1. Segmented Rim>>

If you do not have access to water to get your blade to cool down, then this type of diamond saw blade can be the perfect option to consider. We all know how overheating is one of the biggest issues with diamond saw blades. This form of the blade is basically divided into 10 to 14 segments. This type of blade is basically taken into consideration for bricks and concretes. Because of the design of the blade, you might get the cut neatly. So, it has been specified not to use the respective segmented rim diamond saw blades for cutting the tiles.

2. Turbo Rim>>

When it comes to the turbo rim blade, it comes with several features that are quite similar to the segmented rim. But, yes, they look very much different. The blade’s anatomy is quite similar to the ones of the segmented rim. The turbo rim blade is divided into different sections and also comes with relief holes to ensure that the heat is transferred a lot quicker and more efficiently. One of the biggest advantages of this blade is that it handles the heat quite uniquely. It can be used without any hassle being wet or even in dry conditions.

3. Continuous Rim>>

This form of the blade is also acknowledged as a wet cut blade. But, this blade doesn’t come with any kind of inbuilt heat distribution or fan that can help the air to go through the blade. This type of blade is quite flat and doesn’t come with many details as well. It doesn’t come with any kind of heat distribution. You need to operate the same with water passing over the same. It is generally taken into consideration for cutting granite, marble, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, and more.

Wrap Up

These are the different types of diamond saw blades that are taken into consideration by industries around the world. It is important that you only connect with the right company who can assist you with the best type of tools as per your specific needs. If you are looking for the same, then you can always reach out to the experts at Vinayak Diamond Tools. You get all the bases covered as per your given specifications.

When it comes to the diamond segment, it is basically the combination of metal bond materials and small size diamonds. These metal bond materials might come with powders of Sn, Cu, Ag, Fe, Ni, Co, Mo, graphite, WC, and more.

The bond materials and diamonds are mixed together, and when the proper mixture is formed, it gets loaded into molds. There is a proper process of creating diamond segments that include hot and cold pressing, arc grinding, and even sintering. After following all these processes, you get the diamond segments of your needs.

The metal bands have two essential functions that are helping the diamond to bond with the tool without any hassle and also wearing just like the other diamond’s waring to ensure that the new diamonds that are sharp gets exposed in the most proficient manner by the diamond saw manufacturer.

Diamond Segment Layers

The diamond segment comes with a transition layer and a working layer.

  • When it comes to the working layer, it comes with diamond grains that are used for the purpose of grinding and cutting.
  • But, when it comes to the transition layer, it comes with no diamonds. In fact, it comes with bond materials that are used for the purpose of connecting the work layer with the diamond tool body.

The importance of the transition layer is huge as it helps the diamond segments that are used on tools with laser-welded diamond from breaking down.

Diamond Segment: Types

There are different types of Diamond segments that can be used for specific purposes. The diamond blade uses diamond segments in the form of teeth of the respective blade. It is important that you choose the right form of the segment that can help the blade deliver the best performance. This is how granite cutting segments or marble segments are chosen.

The diamond blades’ forms can be of different shapes for different segments. Like it can be convex, L-Shaped, layered sandwich, segmented, step-shaped, side-slotted, as per your chosen segment. It is different for every segment, right from the gang saw diamond segment to stone cutting segments.

There are reasons behind making these forms, and they are:

  • It boosts the efficiency of the blade as per their needs and requirements
  • It also boosts cooling and lubricating aspects of the process.
  • These forms also assist in reducing the friction that is formed amidst the segments and the material that is being cut.
  • It also plays a big role in saving energy and eventually improving the performance of the blade.

Last Words

Hopefully, you are fully clear about the diamond cutting tool and its different types of segments used for different purposes. It is important that you select the right one for your needs that can help you avail the results you are looking forward to having. If you are looking for the right company to assist you with the appropriate diamond cutting to segment, then you must not hesitate and get yourself connected to Vinayak Diamond Tools now!

Segmented saw blades are helpful for contractors and DIYers for various reasons. The segmented design of this diamond saw edge is critical, as anybody who is acquainted with the numerous diamond saw blades would be able to tell you. The correct blades would ensure a high-quality outcome for different stone-related tasks while also reducing time and effort.

Having a segmented diamond saw blade is a good investment because of these reasons. In other words, cutting through hard stone with a very sharp blade is a thrilling experience. A blade that can cut quickly and reliably so that you can get your task done on time.

What Is a Segmented Saw Blade, and What Is It Used For?

Hard materials may be sliced using segmented saw blades divided into segments of different lengths and widths. Segmented saw blades are often referred to as dry-cutting blades because of the materials used to cut. The term is derived from the product’s usage in arid environments. Because of the cutouts or segments on the blade’s edge, they may be used without water. To keep the blade core cool, the cutouts/segments allow air to pass through the blade.

In addition, the segments let the segmented saw blade efficiently expel waste. As a result, it is best to chop immediately. Overheating is an issue that shortens the life of a diamond saw blade. As a result, its relationship might be weakened or even broken. When water isn’t accessible, segmented saw blades are your best bet.

Saw blades with segmented sections often have medium to complex bonding, which affects the range of applications for which they may be used (wet or dry). The segmented saw blades provide a relatively clean-cut; however, chipping may occur.
Segmented saw blades provide the most abrasive finish possible. As a result, they are well suited for cutting granite, marble, and other construction materials such as concrete.

Segmented saw blades may be used with various saw machines because of their variable sizes and diameters. In the same way as a circular saw and an angle grinder.

The strength of natural stone and the kind of equipment are considered while configuring the segmented saw blade and cutting modes.

Cutting is one of the most critical aspects of the process.

This guarantees that the diamond layer of the segmented saw blades performs at its best when it is cut at a linear speed.

The segmented saw blade handbook contains specific instructions on how to get the most outstanding performance out of the blade.

This kind of diamond saw blade is a segmented saw blade. The physical characteristics of a segmented saw blade are vital to know as a beginning.

Segment Blades Of Various Types

Due to the incorporation of synthetic diamonds in the steel, diamond saw blades might be made. But if you want to differentiate segmented saw blades from the others, you’ll need to keep an eye out for specific characteristics. Continuous and turbo diamond saw blades are two more options.

Discreet Diamond Saws:
Diamond saw blades without teeth are available. How does it differ from the segmented diamond blade in terms of features? The diamond saw blades are designed with continuous diamonds to cut through the tile. As a result, cutting through concrete or masonry is seldom successful or suitable.

Cutting using a Turbo Diamond Saw:
These blades are more like continuous diamond saw blades than segmented diamond saw blades in terms of their physical appearance. There are no teeth on Turbo saw blades. Their rims, on the other hand, are serrated. Segmented saw blades may be used with this characteristic, allowing them to be used with various materials.
Diamond-edged rims adorn the segments of segmented saw blades. A narrow canyon separates these two ridges. This distinguishing characteristic distinguishes them from the turbo, and continuous diamond saw blades in terms of physical appearance. Segmented saw blades can generate powerful cuts because of the gullets. Despite this, the stakes aren’t always precise. So, if you’re looking for a way to cut through something, that’s a little more difficult. It’s best to use a segmented diamond saw blade if you don’t mind the rough edges.

Choosing between segmented and turbo saw blades is a matter of personal taste since both have a wide range of uses. The turbo diamond saw blade is a slow cutter, but it offers more precision and accuracy.

Final Thoughts

Segmented diamond saw blade life expectancy is dependent on several factors. The quality of the blade is a significant factor.

The varied levels of diamond quality are visible in the various classes of segmented saw blades. Having a more significant concentration of diamonds assures that the segmented diamond saw blades would last longer and perform better.

The kind of material you use to cut with your segmented saw blade is also critical. Although segmented saw blades from Vinayak diamond tools may be cut through solid materials, they should never be cut through unknown materials. To cut asphalt, you may use a saw blade meant for concrete. Although it cuts through asphalt quickly, it shortens the material’s life expectancy.

In contrast to circular saw blade segments, gang saw segments are distinct from those tools. First, the gang saw section is utilized to construct gang saws (also called a frame saw). Soft stones like marble, smooth granite, limestone, and other blocks can be cut with a reciprocating saw blade with this type of blade. The diamond distribution in the gangsaw portion is likewise variable because of the varying pressures. The diamonds can be evenly dispersed on the front and back of the gang saw. Matrix bond requirements are also exceptionally high because of the limited cutting surface.

Stone block cutting segments, gangsaw segments, and gangsaw segments

They are cutting a cubic meter of marble blocks at a high rate, particularly for large surfaces. Slabs 7-13 square meters larger can be cut with the gangsaw blade than a giant circular saw blade. Using this approach to cut pricey imported marble is a no-brainer. Currently, the majority of jade stones are cut using this approach.

The cutting efficiency is 5-10 times more than giant sand saw, making it a highly effective tool. It is also 3-6 times more efficient than a single circular saw blade. Compared to a single wire saw, a gang saw has a processing efficiency of 4-8 times that of a wire saw.

When processing a high-quality slab, rough grinding can be omitted, and the subsequent surface processing can be done without it. This eliminates processing steps and boosts the stone processing efficiency.

 Larger stone blocks can be processed with it. To put it another way, when it comes to cutting large blocks of material like slabs, gangsaw blades are a better option than standard circular saw blades since they can process enormous blocks of material up to a height of 3 meters, making them ideal for cutting large slabs.

Conserve energy and drastically lower your energy usage per unit of output you produce. Because of this, it has gradually replaced sand saws in the production process. Cutting time is reduced, electricity and water usage are reduced, and labor and management costs are reduced, resulting in a significant reduction in production costs.

In contrast, the gangsaw portion is more durable. The high-cobalt bond formula is used in the gangsaw piece. The cutting efficiency and longevity are substantially increased, despite the high price. Stone cutting requires a gangsaw with a long cutting life because the consumption is so low.

However, a gangsaw is not the best tool for cutting hard stone, like granite. Gangaw sector prices are high, and welding costs for the segment are likewise prohibitive. In light of this, the gangsaw part has not received much publicity. However, as society’s need for huge slabs grows, so will the number of gangsaw segment applications and the maturity of the resulting products.

Features of the item:

  • The blade is sharp and efficient at cutting, and it lasts a long time. 
  • Smooth cutting, level surface, and even size are all signs of good cutting results. 
  •  It has a low-noise operation, a compact cutting area, and a uniform thickness to provide optimal stone use and uniform thickness.

Snippets from the Gangsaw

High-performance diamond tools are available from Vinayak Diamond Tools, including wire saws, gang saws, and circular saws of different sizes. As a result of our tools, you may set better quality standards while saving a substantial amount of money.

For this reason, we produce high-quality and adaptable Gangsaw tools and marble cutting tools, which allow us to create a wide range of other industry-standard items. The multi-layer technology we’ve been using since 2008 has made us India’s largest manufacturer and distributor of gang saws. Other than that, we’ve successfully broken into the global market with low-cost processing instruments for exotic stones, including Italian, Turkish, Egyptian, Vietnam, and Green.

Sizes That Have

Diamond segments for exceptional quality stones are widely used in a wide range of cutting applications by our customers worldwide. The parts are manufactured using the best raw materials per the mechanical specifications.

Since 2008, Vinayak Diamond Tools has been using Sandwich Technology in gangsaw segments to manufacture high-quality products.

The correct equipment and blade pitch can be challenging to determine, but our team of professionals is here to help. To meet our customers’ high expectations, we’ve assembled a group of experienced engineers.


Don’t be afraid to contact us directly if you’re experiencing issues with our items; we’d prefer if you returned the used ones so that our technical team could investigate. Our consumers will be compensated or have their products replaced quickly if the problem is ours.