We all know how the construction industry needs different types of tools for different purposes. The workers in the construction industry are always working with different tools so that they can perform different tasks as per their needs and requirements. Every single tool is designed for a specific purpose, and the experts use it wisely to ensure that they can get the work done without any hassle.

Hammer is not only designed for the purpose of putting the screws in, or wrenches are not for the purpose of leveling the board. All the tools come with different purposes. The same thing goes with the diamond saw blades. Every single blade has its own purpose and is considered accordingly.

If you think that diamond saw blades are used for different purposes, then you are certainly on the right page. Below mentioned are the different types of diamond saw blades that can help you understand how they can be used for different purposes. Take a look:

1. Segmented Rim>>

If you do not have access to water to get your blade to cool down, then this type of diamond saw blade can be the perfect option to consider. We all know how overheating is one of the biggest issues with diamond saw blades. This form of the blade is basically divided into 10 to 14 segments. This type of blade is basically taken into consideration for bricks and concretes. Because of the design of the blade, you might get the cut neatly. So, it has been specified not to use the respective segmented rim diamond saw blades for cutting the tiles.

2. Turbo Rim>>

When it comes to the turbo rim blade, it comes with several features that are quite similar to the segmented rim. But, yes, they look very much different. The blade’s anatomy is quite similar to the ones of the segmented rim. The turbo rim blade is divided into different sections and also comes with relief holes to ensure that the heat is transferred a lot quicker and more efficiently. One of the biggest advantages of this blade is that it handles the heat quite uniquely. It can be used without any hassle being wet or even in dry conditions.

3. Continuous Rim>>

This form of the blade is also acknowledged as a wet cut blade. But, this blade doesn’t come with any kind of inbuilt heat distribution or fan that can help the air to go through the blade. This type of blade is quite flat and doesn’t come with many details as well. It doesn’t come with any kind of heat distribution. You need to operate the same with water passing over the same. It is generally taken into consideration for cutting granite, marble, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, and more.

Wrap Up

These are the different types of diamond saw blades that are taken into consideration by industries around the world. It is important that you only connect with the right company who can assist you with the best type of tools as per your specific needs. If you are looking for the same, then you can always reach out to the experts at Vinayak Diamond Tools. You get all the bases covered as per your given specifications.

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