When it comes to the diamond segment, it is basically the combination of metal bond materials and small size diamonds. These metal bond materials might come with powders of Sn, Cu, Ag, Fe, Ni, Co, Mo, graphite, WC, and more.

The bond materials and diamonds are mixed together, and when the proper mixture is formed, it gets loaded into molds. There is a proper process of creating diamond segments that include hot and cold pressing, arc grinding, and even sintering. After following all these processes, you get the diamond segments of your needs.

The metal bands have two essential functions that are helping the diamond to bond with the tool without any hassle and also wearing just like the other diamond’s waring to ensure that the new diamonds that are sharp gets exposed in the most proficient manner by the diamond saw manufacturer.

Diamond Segment Layers

The diamond segment comes with a transition layer and a working layer.

  • When it comes to the working layer, it comes with diamond grains that are used for the purpose of grinding and cutting.
  • But, when it comes to the transition layer, it comes with no diamonds. In fact, it comes with bond materials that are used for the purpose of connecting the work layer with the diamond tool body.

The importance of the transition layer is huge as it helps the diamond segments that are used on tools with laser-welded diamond from breaking down.

Diamond Segment: Types

There are different types of Diamond segments that can be used for specific purposes. The diamond blade uses diamond segments in the form of teeth of the respective blade. It is important that you choose the right form of the segment that can help the blade deliver the best performance. This is how granite cutting segments or marble segments are chosen.

The diamond blades’ forms can be of different shapes for different segments. Like it can be convex, L-Shaped, layered sandwich, segmented, step-shaped, side-slotted, as per your chosen segment. It is different for every segment, right from the gang saw diamond segment to stone cutting segments.

There are reasons behind making these forms, and they are:

  • It boosts the efficiency of the blade as per their needs and requirements
  • It also boosts cooling and lubricating aspects of the process.
  • These forms also assist in reducing the friction that is formed amidst the segments and the material that is being cut.
  • It also plays a big role in saving energy and eventually improving the performance of the blade.

Last Words

Hopefully, you are fully clear about the diamond cutting tool and its different types of segments used for different purposes. It is important that you select the right one for your needs that can help you avail the results you are looking forward to having. If you are looking for the right company to assist you with the appropriate diamond cutting to segment, then you must not hesitate and get yourself connected to Vinayak Diamond Tools now!

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