In contrast to circular saw blade segments, gang saw segments are distinct from those tools. First, the gang saw section is utilized to construct gang saws (also called a frame saw). Soft stones like marble, smooth granite, limestone, and other blocks can be cut with a reciprocating saw blade with this type of blade. The diamond distribution in the gangsaw portion is likewise variable because of the varying pressures. The diamonds can be evenly dispersed on the front and back of the gang saw. Matrix bond requirements are also exceptionally high because of the limited cutting surface.

Stone block cutting segments, gangsaw segments, and gangsaw segments

They are cutting a cubic meter of marble blocks at a high rate, particularly for large surfaces. Slabs 7-13 square meters larger can be cut with the gangsaw blade than a giant circular saw blade. Using this approach to cut pricey imported marble is a no-brainer. Currently, the majority of jade stones are cut using this approach.

The cutting efficiency is 5-10 times more than giant sand saw, making it a highly effective tool. It is also 3-6 times more efficient than a single circular saw blade. Compared to a single wire saw, a gang saw has a processing efficiency of 4-8 times that of a wire saw.

When processing a high-quality slab, rough grinding can be omitted, and the subsequent surface processing can be done without it. This eliminates processing steps and boosts the stone processing efficiency.

 Larger stone blocks can be processed with it. To put it another way, when it comes to cutting large blocks of material like slabs, gangsaw blades are a better option than standard circular saw blades since they can process enormous blocks of material up to a height of 3 meters, making them ideal for cutting large slabs.

Conserve energy and drastically lower your energy usage per unit of output you produce. Because of this, it has gradually replaced sand saws in the production process. Cutting time is reduced, electricity and water usage are reduced, and labor and management costs are reduced, resulting in a significant reduction in production costs.

In contrast, the gangsaw portion is more durable. The high-cobalt bond formula is used in the gangsaw piece. The cutting efficiency and longevity are substantially increased, despite the high price. Stone cutting requires a gangsaw with a long cutting life because the consumption is so low.

However, a gangsaw is not the best tool for cutting hard stone, like granite. Gangaw sector prices are high, and welding costs for the segment are likewise prohibitive. In light of this, the gangsaw part has not received much publicity. However, as society’s need for huge slabs grows, so will the number of gangsaw segment applications and the maturity of the resulting products.

Features of the item:

  • The blade is sharp and efficient at cutting, and it lasts a long time. 
  • Smooth cutting, level surface, and even size are all signs of good cutting results. 
  •  It has a low-noise operation, a compact cutting area, and a uniform thickness to provide optimal stone use and uniform thickness.

Snippets from the Gangsaw

High-performance diamond tools are available from Vinayak Diamond Tools, including wire saws, gang saws, and circular saws of different sizes. As a result of our tools, you may set better quality standards while saving a substantial amount of money.

For this reason, we produce high-quality and adaptable Gangsaw tools and marble cutting tools, which allow us to create a wide range of other industry-standard items. The multi-layer technology we’ve been using since 2008 has made us India’s largest manufacturer and distributor of gang saws. Other than that, we’ve successfully broken into the global market with low-cost processing instruments for exotic stones, including Italian, Turkish, Egyptian, Vietnam, and Green.

Sizes That Have

Diamond segments for exceptional quality stones are widely used in a wide range of cutting applications by our customers worldwide. The parts are manufactured using the best raw materials per the mechanical specifications.

Since 2008, Vinayak Diamond Tools has been using Sandwich Technology in gangsaw segments to manufacture high-quality products.

The correct equipment and blade pitch can be challenging to determine, but our team of professionals is here to help. To meet our customers’ high expectations, we’ve assembled a group of experienced engineers.


Don’t be afraid to contact us directly if you’re experiencing issues with our items; we’d prefer if you returned the used ones so that our technical team could investigate. Our consumers will be compensated or have their products replaced quickly if the problem is ours.

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