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Our Leaders

Mr. K.L Agarwal

A technocrat, a business mogul and a visionary, it is true that Vinayak Diamond Tools is a result of the sheer zeal and passion of one man, Mr. K.L Agarwal. With his vision, he set out to establish Vinayak Diamond Tools with nothing but determination and expertise by his side. Today Vinayak Diamond tools consists of 3 successfully running units and is called the Vinayak Family where 400 employees work and prosper collaboratively. Mr. K.L Agarwal has always aimed to deliver the best and he ensures it by motivating everyone in the organisation to invent and innovate. He has not just concentrated on building a business, he has and encouraged everyone to aspire to form strong relationships which lay the very foundation of this Vinayak Family.

Mrs. Vandana Agarwal

Mrs. Vandana Agarwal has been a strong figure in the organisation who has ensured harmony amongst team members by binding the firm together, be it in the management team or the workforce. Staying true to Vinayak’s values, she forms the backbone of the company and safeguards every employee’s right. Due to her presence, it has been possible to imbibe the Vinayak values in each employee and hence strengthen the organisation. Her unconventional methods have proved to be instrumental in the firm’s progress and have enhanced the efficiency in the organisation. Truly being a motivational persona in the firm, she has pushed Vinayak’s employees to explore their potential in order to achieve the organisation’s vision.

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