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Our Leaders

Mr. K.L Agarwal

A technocrat, a business mogul and a visionary, it is true that Vinayak Diamond Tools is a result of the sheer zeal and passion of one man, Mr. K.L Agarwal. With his vision, he set out to establish Vinayak Diamond Tools with nothing but determination and expertise by his side. Today Vinayak Diamond tools consists of 3 successfully running units and is called the Vinayak Family where 400 employees work and prosper collaboratively. Mr. K.L Agarwal has always aimed to deliver the best and he ensures it by motivating everyone in the organisation to invent and innovate. He has not just concentrated on building a business, he has and encouraged everyone to aspire to form strong relationships which lay the very foundation of this Vinayak Family.


Mrs. Vandana Agarwal

Mrs. Vandana Agarwal has been a strong figure in the organisation who has ensured harmony amongst team members by binding the firm together, be it in the management team or the workforce. Staying true to Vinayak’s values, she forms the backbone of the company and safeguards every employee’s right. Due to her presence, it has been possible to imbibe the Vinayak values in each employee and hence strengthen the organisation. Her unconventional methods have proved to be instrumental in the firm’s progress and have enhanced the efficiency in the organisation. Truly being a motivational persona in the firm, she has pushed Vinayak’s employees to explore their potential in order to achieve the organisation’s vision.

Corporate Overview

Our Vision

To be among the top five companies in the diamond tools industry worldwide by 2020.

Our Mission

To make India the biggest supplier of stone processing tools in the world.

Our Values

Vinayak Diamond Tools has recognized five core values – Perfection, Evolution, Collaboration, Integrity& Speed which form the foundation of our corporate credo. From the way our staff works together to the way we develop our products and partner with our customers to ensure their success, these values construct everything we do. They demonstrate Vinayak Diamond Tools’scommitment in creating a strong corporate culture and long-term partnerships which deliver true value to our customers.

Our Journey

Vinayak Diamond Tools was founded

Vinayak Diamond Tools was founded by the name of Vinayak Tools in Kishan garh under the leadership of Mr. K.L. Agarwal. Marble and Sandstone circular saw were successfully launched in Kishan garh, India.

Calibration and Polishing tools were added

Calibration and Polishing tools were added to the portfolio in Rewari, India. Within a few months of launching, the company was able to Successfully gain the trust of its Customers.

Marble Gangsaw Segment

After a year of extensive research, the Company developed a Marble Gangsaw Segment.

Company Relocated

In order to expand its infrastructural ability, the company relocated its entire operations to one of the biggest Diamond Tools hubs of the world, Jaipur. This time, with a new name, a new product range, and a new vision; to be the largest diamond tools manufacturer in India as Vinayak Diamond Tools.

Comprehensive R&D

As a result of the comprehensive R&D, the company launched its revolutionizing product, the Marble Gangsaw segment which was developed with Multi-layer technology. This product created a stir in the market and made a mark in the history of Stone processing industry in the Country. The Company managed to become the market leader in the Marble Gangsaw segment within the span of less than a year.

Gangsaw segment for Granite

This year witnessed the introduction of Gangsaw segment for Granite which reaped outstanding outcomes.

Wide range of Wiresaw chains

Wide range of Wiresaw chains and wiresaw pearls where successfully launched PAN India.

The expansion plan

In order to meet the growing needs of Customers Vinayak Diamond tools realizes its expansion plan and opens up a dedicated state of the art infrastructure for manufacturing Highquality Wiresaw in Jaipur.

Landmark in Vinayak Diamond Tools history

The year 2016 proves to be the Landmark in Vinayak Diamond Tools history, as the company opens up its biggest manufacturing unit fully equipped with German technology, Italian Knowhow, and Indian craftsmanship.

Awards and Accolades

We are committed towards accomplishing greatness in all that we do. We have received various honors for our sense of commitment regarding customer, development,

Vinayak Idol

A monthly rewards & recognition programwhichhas been designed to formally recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of employees to the achievement of the mission and vision of the Company.

Vinayak Abhimaan

A rewards & recognition program which has been designed to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of the workmen.

Leadership Training

Today’s successful leaders are willing to adapt and improve team performance by sharpening their own leadership team development skills. Leadership Training programs arefor emerging leaders which empowers them to practice their skills and leads to a better team performance.

Welcome Program

Today’s successful leaders are willing to adapt and improve team performance by sharpening their own leadership team development skills. Leadership Training programs arefor emerging leaders which empowers them to practice their skills and leads to a better team performance.


We follow the best practices in the industry and have also implemented several initiatives to bring about operational excellence in the departments across the organization. Some of the best practices that we follow are:


Internal audit is a dynamic profession, involved in helping organizations achieve their objectives. We are concerned with evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance process in the organization. Our auditors are from the management team itself which helps us in systematically review systems and operations.


We follow 5S which has become 6S, the sixth element being safety to provide clean and safe work environment. We engage our people through the use of ‘Standards’ and ‘Discipline’. It is not just about housekeeping, but concentrating on maintaining the standards & discipline to manage the organization – all achieved by upholding & showing respect for the workplace every day.


We keep up with the latest technology trends and maneuver strategies to inculcate new ways and methods to boost production. Our top notch tools are fabricated by the automatic machinery of Dr. Frisch (Germany).

Research & Development

Our R&D is sophisticated enough to build world class products and also caters to customized solutions. The quality control department makes sure that every single entity meets the quality benchmark and no malicious product passes unattended.

We commit the best and will continue the quest to obtain high rated tools. The customer feedback strives us to manufacture better quality tools warding off undesired flaws. Our products are comprehensively scrutinized by experienced professionals in modernized labs before introducing them into the market.